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Answers to your toughest legal questions of 2020. Keep your church protected so you can focus on what’s really important, ministry. Be in the know, read through our 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Legal Q&A.

All the 2020 hot ministry topics in one place. Here’s what your church should know before you gather or start a new ministry. Stay ahead of the trends, explore our hand-picked 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Articles.

CDC Keep Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC Guide to Pandemics for Churches CDC Guide to Pandemics for Schools CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations CDC Checklist for Community and Faith Leaders CDC Pandemic Planning and Preparedness Resources CDC Pandemic Influenza Plan

Dear Team: On (Insert Day of Week), Month XX, 2020 one of our team members tested positive for Coronavirus. This is the first known case involving one of our employees at (insert campus if relevant). On Month XX, 2020 our team member was on the premises at (add address or campus location if relevant) for…

Tim Cool, from Smart Church Solutions, offers few helpful tips to prepare your facility for re-opening. Preparing Your Gathering Spaces Preparing the Restrooms Preparing the Entrances General Cleaning Preparing the Sanctuary

Many ministries are inquiring whether they are covered for claims arising from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ve rounded up details from insurance providers and state governments:

Church Law & Tax Guide to Coronavirus for Churches How Will Emergency Sick Leave and Family Leave Affect Ministry Payroll? Furlough vs Layoff:  What’s the Difference? ARC Ministry Resources Coronavirus & the Church Coronavirus Church Planning Template EDD Disaster Unemployment Assistance​ ​DOL/OSHA Coronavirus Screening and ER Doctor Tele Medicine Consult with MedCall Advisors

How your ministry might be affected by coronavirus.

We’ve rounded up the best resources and tools from around the web to help your church.