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What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Many ministries believe that cyber liability only concerns big companies like Microsoft or Amazon. Maybe this was true during Ministry B.C. (before COVID), however in the 2020’s ministry has become increasingly digital. New technologies allow the Gospel message to spread faster and further than ever, but these innovations also bring new risks.

Cyber Liability Insurance applies to various property damage, financial damage, or emotional injury claims. This can include

  • Unauthorized use of your computer, web site or destruction of computer program, social media exposure and network connections. 
  • Posting of online content on your website, blog, or other computer related activities. 
  • Compromise of personal information resulting in financial damages.

If your ministry is online, or if your ministry stores confidential information, you need to consider Cyber Liability Insurance.

What are examples of Cyber Liability Claims?

There are many scenarios Cyber Liability insurance can respond to. The following are example claims that we’ve seen ministries like yours face. While every situation is unique, these scenarios help illustrate the types of risks that this coverage can protect against. These scenarios are intended to be educational, and the specifics of your coverage will depend upon your insurance policy.

Computer Use Error

A church secretary emails a prayer request list to members of the congregation. The document she attaches to the email is infected with a virus and spreads to dozens of members’ home computers. The members sue the ministry to cover repairs and replacements for their computers.

Cyber Liability coverage can respond to property and financial damage claims like this one.

Data Breach Error

Employees at a Christian college use the school’s unsecured wireless network to access the internet. It is later discovered that thieves hacked into the network and stole students’ personal information. The thieves then used the information to obtain credit cards, running up high balances.

Cyber Liability coverage can cover the students’ emotional injury and financial damages up to the policy limits. It could also include crisis management and remediation services.

Electronic Commerce Error

A large church sells books, music, and training materials through an e-commerce web site. The church’s web site is hacked, exposing customer names, addresses, and credit card numbers.

Up to the policy limits, Cyber Liability coverage can pay for financial damages and breach response services.

Next Steps

In conclusion, Cyber Liability insurance is an essential protection as your ministry becomes increasingly digital.

Worried about the cost? A ChurchWest agent can bundle your Cyber Liability insurance with other ministry-specific coverages as part of a comprehensive insurance package. By bundling your coverage with ChurchWest, you can get the best protection at the most affordable price.

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