Mission Edition Ebook Cover

Practical Guidance for Mission Travel

Learn the emerging risks and best practices for keeping your team safe abroad.
Recipe for a Healthy Church Board

Your Ministry’s Guide to a Healthy Board​

Learn the common pain points for board members, as well as key leadership ingredients to keep your ministry thriving.
Ebook Format

5 Common Ministry Payroll Mistakes​

Managing your ministry's payroll is challenging - but it doesn't have to be. In this e-book from Brotherhood Mutual, discover the most common mistakes ministries
Vehicle Loaner Agreement Policy

Vehicle Loaner Agreement

This sample agreement between your ministry and vehicle borrowers is a good first step to minimize unneeded liability.
Ministry HR Checklist Banner

2023 Ministry HR Checklist

Are you looking for authoritative and actionable HR resources for your ministry? Look no further than our 2023 Ministry HR Checklist, the product of our
Model Child Protection Policy

Model Child Protection Policy

This template is built around the underwriting requirements for our partner insurers who specialize in ministry Sexual Misconduct Coverage
Live Scan Featured Image

Everything to Know About Live Scan

California law AB-506 now specifies the specific type of background check your ministry must complete through the California Department of Justice.
Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement – Sample Form

If you engage independent contractors for work, or intend to, you should have a written agreement to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your
Facility Use Agreement: Downloadable Template

Facility Use Agreement: Downloadable Template

Unsure of what to cover with outside parties when you allow your facility to be used for events or when you partner with other organizations?
Generic California COVID-19 Waiver

Generic California COVID-19 Waiver: Sample Form

For your reference and use, we have provided a sample generic use Waiver that can help your ministry protect itself from a variety of risks
Sample Driver Disclosure Form

Transportation Resources: Sample Driver Disclosure Form

We know that if your ministry provides safe transportation for your activities – your ministry will be able to better serve your community through its
Social Media Policy for Churches

Sample Social Media Policy/Guidelines for Churches

Are you participating in social media the right way? Have you considered the broader risk to your ministry? Use our social media guidelines for churches