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Our Team

Specializing in the needs of churches, our commitment and dedication is driven by the loyalty of the clients that have helped us to succeed. We provide our clients with the best possible insurance coverage, while keeping the ministry’s budget in mind, never losing sight of the best possible coverage.

On behalf of all of us at ChurchWest Insurance, we thank you for your loyalty and partnership in protecting your ministry.

Amy McBride
Account Manager
Arden McDaniel
Associate Partner, Benefits Consultant
Andrea Rodriguez
Janet Rodriguez
Accounting Manager
Andrea Saputo
Director, Operations
Estela Saputo
Assistant Account Manger
Carol Hamilton
Benefits Account Manager
David Bloodgood
Director, Sales, CIC
Adriana Cutler
Spanish Speaking Ministry Account Executive, Benefits
Renee Emlaw
Account Manager
Zach Folmer
Vested Partner
Michael Goodson
Associate Partner
Austin Huerta
Ministry Account Executive
Brooke Beck
Account Manager
Brandon Seldon
Account Manager, CISR
Breanna Angus
Account Executive, Benefits
Carol Bush
Commercial Lines Team Leader / Account Manager, CIC
Cathy Franks
Account Manager
Charlie Cutler
Evan Johnson
Associate Partner
Hollis Govea
Jason Bartenstein
Associate Partner
Kathy Yeo
Korean Speaking Ministries Account Executive
Kieshia Featherstone
Account & Claims Manager
Kimberly Loe
Account Executive, Benefits
Kristen Bethel
Account Manager
Marnie Valcarcel
Account Manager, CISR
Nancy Connell
Associate Partner
Raymond Olivas
Internal Solutions Architect
Robert Gammenthaler II
Vested Partner
Ryan Lucht
Vested Partner, Benefits Consultant
Sam Yeo
Partner, MBA, CIC
Shannon Orona
Account Manager, CISR
Susan Day
Account Manager
Tom Cutler
Pearl Uribe
Operations Assistant
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