Model Child Protection Policy


This Child Protection Policy is a template for your ministry to maintain legal compliance and safeguard your youth. This template is built around the underwriting requirements for our partner insurers who specialize in ministry Sexual Misconduct Coverage.

Important Note About This Sample Policy

This is a resource that ChurchWest is providing your ministry with to help you comply with the new guidelines as soon as possible. This document should not be disseminated to those outside of your ministry via email or shared in any way. Any ministry that would like a copy may download it here. Those that download it from ChurchWest will be kept up to date with legal and practical updates to the changing requirements in California. This is intended to be a resource for your ministry to work with, but it is imperative that the final version is reviewed by qualified legal counsel. We strongly recommend that you only use this temporarily, while you work with professional guidance to develop a program that addresses the unique characteristics of your ministry.

Please reach out to our trusted partners for assistance:

While it may sound intimidating or expensive to reach out to an expert, it is more affordable than you think. Both organizations mentioned above have worked with hundreds of ministries, so they can work with you and your budget to develop a policy that works for you.

Regardless of how this policy is finalized, we recommend that you annually review this policy with your ministry leadership and legal counsel to ensure that it is followed and updated.

Brotherhood Mutual provides additional risk management forms, applications, renewal applications, checklists, permission slips, formal policies for premises monitors, staff accountability, sexual offender chaperone policy to help you continue to build out and customize this sample policy.

It is recommended that any Worker Application form ask whether the prospective worker has ever participated in, or been accused, convicted or pleaded guilty or no contest to abuse or any sexual misconduct (subject to California laws). 

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