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Property Insurance for Churches

We know that your church is more than the buildings or things housed inside. However, your property is a tool used to equip your team and build your ministry so we work with you to insure these for replacement.

Ordinance & Law

Following a property loss, your church will find that you need to bring your buildings up to current code, these are typically things like ADA access, ‘Green’ upgrades, electrical codes, or any of the changes that constantly happen. Because of our experience dealing with thousands of property claims over the years, we work with you to tailor Ordinance & Law limits that you are comfortable with so that you can replace your building and meet the new code requirements.


Believe it or not, the property on your church’s campus is an easy target for thieves.  It might be things you own, cash on hand, or items loaned to your church by others. We’ll work with you to find the appropriate levels of protection for you.

Stained Glass Windows

Worried about how you’ll be able to replace your stained glass windows? Or maybe you would replace your stained glass with something totally different? Have that conversation with us and we’ll let you know the options that are available.

Newly Acquired, Personal And Off-Premise Property

Adding property? Renting equipment? Taking your property around the world? We include standard coverage on all policies, but can easily adjust the limits as your church grows and moves.

Personal Property of Employees

Do you have a pastor with the latest Apple laptop and homemade kombucha brewing kit? Maybe one with a collection of books that rivals the local library? We love these kinds of conversations to make sure that you are comfortable with the level of protection offered on your policy.

Systems Equipment Breakdown

When the temperature heats up, or the wind picks up on the West Coast, we see our power get shut off.  Often, when it comes back on, there can be a power surge and your church will find the surge protector didn’t cut it for your computer networks, phone systems, or a/v setup.  This important protection covers these losses as well as other types that can damage expensive equipment on your campus.

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