Before You Gather: A 10 Step Guide for Reopening Your Church


Pre June 21 Assistance for Churches in California

Your sanctuary doors have been closed for months in the face of this pandemic, but now is the time to solidify your plan for reopening safely. Whether you’re planning on reopening in the coming weeks or not for a few more months, you’ll have to adjust to a new normal for a while

ChurchWest Insurance Services is providing this as a resource in support of your ministry’s efforts to reopen your house of worship in as safe of a manner as possible. We encourage you to adopt what is applicable, use good judgement, seek legal assistance when unsure, and follow the guidelines provided by various federal, state and local authorities.

We trust that you’ll use your knowledge of your facility, staff and volunteer’s abilities, and the need for you to reopen at this time, to do so in a way that reduces the risk and limits your liability.

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