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Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Matthew Campbell – Vested Partner

Matthew Campbell joined ChurchWest Insurance in 2007 as a single, energetic young man, with a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for serving the ministry through insurance. As the years have gone by, his knowledge and expertise have grown.

Matt Campbell and Daughter

Matt Campbell and daughter.

Matt understands that selling insurance gives temporary satisfaction; but giving back to others, and to the community, gives a much richer, long lasting reward. Matthew had the pleasure of representing ChurchWest on a mission trip, this past year, in serving the needs of an alcohol and drug rehab center in Indiana. After the trip, Matt was quoted as saying, “This mission trip was an eye-opening experience, and one that probably helped me grow spiritually more than I ever imagined.”  It is his passion that has driven Matthew’s continued success in serving ministries’ insurance needs.

In 2013, ChurchWest welcomed Matt as the youngest vested partner they have ever had at the agency.  In 2015 Matt was named Agent of the Year for Brotherhood Mutual Insurance.