The 2024 State of Church & Ministry Insurance

On Demand Webinar

Featured Speakers

Charlie Cutler, President of ChurchWest Insurance Services

Leslie Demattia, President of ChurchHRNetwork

Bob Brockman, Managing Partner at BQB Law

Tom Cutler, Founder of ChurchWest Insurance Services

Church & ministry insurance is getting increasingly expensive and harder to find. It’s true, the state of California is experiencing an insurance crisis.

In this webinar we’re discussing the state of the non-profit insurance market as well as what your ministry should be doing right now to get through this challenging insurance climate.

In this webinar, we’re covering:

• Things your ministry should consider to protect your insurance program.
• Updates from the California Dept of Insurance and steps the government is taking to address the insurance crisis.
• Resources to prevent the most common property damages for ministries in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Insurance is more important than ever for protecting ministries and ministry budgets.

We can’t wait to see you there!