Facility Use Agreement: Downloadable Template


Unsure of what to cover with outside parties when you allow your facility to be used for events or when you partner with other organizations? Download our sample Facility Use Agreement Form that can help your ministry set expectations and protect itself from a variety of risks surrounding outside facility use.

With a facilities use agreement, your church can protect itself from liability while still providing a meeting space for outside groups. The agreement can outline the terms under which the group is allowed to use your premises, including a requirement that they be returned in good condition. Use our downloadable facility use agreement template as a guide for your organization.

Why Consider a Facility Use Agreement 

Does your church allow outside groups to use your facilities for weddings, funerals, therapy groups, or something similar? Does your organization lease buildings, rooms, or other spaces? If so, what measures have been set in place to maintain your facility and protect your organization from liabilities? Those are important questions to ask when considering a facility use agreement. A signed policy is highly recommended for all ministries utilizing a physical location.

It is our goal to assist ministries with resources that are up-to-date and all encompassing. With our facility use agreement template, we keep in mind church-sponsored events, and facility use from non-ministry members. Our template includes event details or purposes, any associated costs for using the facility, insurance coverage and appropriate supervision procedures when children, youth, or vulnerable adults are involved. Our church facility use agreement template should not be distributed to those outside of your ministry. As with all legally binding contracts, it is important to review this template and any others in use with an experienced attorney.

Facility Use Agreement: Downloadable Template

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