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What Our Clients Say

  • Thanks for being such a great business (church!!) partner! - Suzy H., Rancho Santa Fe
  • Carol ... Thanks for helping remind [our carrier] about the [worker's comp] credit on the rate!  You are great at your job! [We got] a refund instead of a bill!  That was my goal! - Cory C., Murrieta
  • Thank you for the extra effort! Blessings. - Rod G, Bakersfield
  • I’m really appreciative of the partnership that you guys provide our church.  I need to remember to come to you first when needing help with planning new ministries. - Bob W, Phoenix, AZ
  • I want to let you know how hard Kristen has been working on several challenging issues for parishes within our diocese. There are days that I often call "diocesan days" when it seems both Kristen and I spend the whole day interacting on insurance issues.This week we have had 2 such days. I am thankful for Kristen, her excellent work ethic and ability to find solutions in a timely manner.- James B., Monterey

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