Vested Partner, Director of Employee Benefits
Redlands, California

Ryan Lucht

Ryan has been part of our team for 10 years (and counting). He began his journey as a customer service rep, then moved to account manager, and quickly became a producer. During his tenure here, he’s seen the healthcare industry go from Pre-ACA, to ACA, to COVID (and now thankfully post-COVID). At the start of his journey, our team did not have a big focus on benefits, but Ryan helped lead the team in growing the department to become a major focal point.

Originally from Ohio, Ryan always dreamt of California living (can you blame him?). So, once he graduated from college, he journeyed west and has lived here ever since. His favorite part of his job is being able to help ministries navigate the challenging health care reform market by strategically partnering with each one in a unique way. Whether it’s looking at traditional markets or tapping into specific ones, you can always count on him to come up with the best and most innovative solution for every ministry.