Redlands, California

Charlie Cutler

Charlie is our president and fearless leader. He is driven by his heart to serve faith-based organizations, which led him to partner with his dad, Tom, to build ChurchWest as you know it today. Everything Charlie does is ultimately for the kingdom, which is why ChurchWest seeks to provide insurance services to ministries at the highest level. It’s a good thing that we like to share because Charlie has become a nationally sought-after speaker and spends much of his time relating risk management to building the kingdom.

When he’s not being Charlie the ChurchWest President, you can find him hanging out with his wife, sailing, golfing, cooking, snowboarding, and traveling (a man of many talents). Before jumping on his dad’s ChurchWest team, Charlie went to San Diego State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Political Science. He also spent years in the advertising industry and lobbied in Washington D.C.


Churchwest truly cares about supporting churches.

Denise Garcia, Valley Community Church of Pleasanton

The service that we receive from ChurchWest is top-notch. I could not do my job without them.

Mindy Parry, The Bridge Bible Church

Great people to work with! Helpful and informative.

Jodi Winkle, The Lighthouse Early Childhood Center

ChurchWest is a great company. They are easy to do business with quick with responses. Our agent is very personable, calls or emails regularly to make sure our needs are being met. I've worked with other companies and CW is by far an excellent company!

Irene O'Leary, North City Church
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