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Get Tailored Legal Assistance for Your Ministry... For ChurchWest and Non-ChurchWest Policyholders!

Ministries like yours face unique legal challenges. Our legal partners will guide you through nuances of the law and faith, thus protecting your religious rights. Get tailored assistance, confidence and peace of mind through our Legal Assist services. 

*Legal assistance provided is not state specific.

Free Legal & Compliance Resources

Ask a Legal Question

Legal Assist is where your ministry can get the risk management guidance you need on complicated matters ranging from employment law to ministry activity.  

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Build a Better Employee Handbook

You’re not just an employer – you’re a faith-based employer. So make sure your employee handbook reflects your faith and religious rights by getting a complimentary review from our legal partner.

Review Your Bylaws With Our Partners

Your ministry’s bylaws are a critical risk management asset for protecting your organization, as well as the individuals who serve. Apply best practices to your ministry’s bylaws with a complimentary review by our partners.