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10 Essential Church & School Security Resources

10 Essential Church & School Security Resources

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson

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Steve Robinson

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Church security is becoming more important and protecting your ministry in a changing world has become a larger concern.

When shots rang out at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, teachers immediately locked classroom doors and took other steps to protect the children in their care. Sadly, they weren’t able to shield everyone. Tragedies like this one illustrate the importance of safety and security planning, even at places once considered “safe.”

11 Essential Church & School Security Resources

  1. Three easy things you can do to improve church safety this Sunday
  2. The Church Safety and Security Guidebook
  3. Cal-Fire School Lockdown Procedures
  4. Safety 101: A church leader’s guide to risk management
  5. Does Your Church Need a Security Guard?
  6. Should Churches Have Armed Security Guards?
  7. Church Background Screening
  8. Make Informed Security Decisions
  9. Develop a Volunteer Safety and Security Team
  10. DHS: Soft Target and Crowded Places Security Plan Overview
  11. FBI: Active Shooter Pre-Attack Behaviors Report

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The Church Security Guidebook is the only comprehensive Church Security Training program and at only $39.95, a real bargain.

Reference: Used with permission from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

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