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Congress has authorized a second round of funding, but the rules are different this time. ChurchWest is bringing back Caryn Ryan from Missionwell to discuss how to apply and what is different this time around.

The State of California has rolled out new laws and directives for the new year across the board, there’s work to do to ensure compliance for your organization. If you’re a ministry HR director or the person in charge of HR (other duties as assigned, right?) then you’re officially invited to join us for any and all of our HR Bootcamp series.

Churches will need to adhere to new legal changes beginning January 1, 2021. We will cover all the requirements and policies you need to know. Join us to hear from an expert on putting together a model program and guidance.

The Supreme Court granted requests from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish synagogues to block enforcement of a New York executive order restricting attendance at houses of worship. This ruling marks a shift from the previous requests over the summer by churches in California and Nevada. What does this decision mean for your church?

On February 18, 2020, the Boy Scouts of America’s national organization filed for bankruptcy with two key objectives: compensate victims who were harmed during their time in scouting and continue to carry out the scouting mission for years to come.  The question has come up, what should local ministries do in response to this BSA…

We are pleased to announce that Governor Newsom and one of our ACSI member schools, Montebello Christian Schools, have agreed to end litigation and permit the state-wide reopening of all private religious schools, K-12, for in person, on campus learning throughout California, subject to state issued co-horting and safety protocols.    Importantly, the order permits not…

Learn about the adjustments Congress has made to the PPP and steps that you can take to make this loan forgivable for your school.

It looks like Congress has done all that they plan to on the adjustments to the PPP, so it’s time to make those loans forgivable before the year end. Most lenders aren’t familiar with the nuances of ministry, so we’ve brought back Caryn Ryan from Missionwell to guide us through this process. Resources PPP Forgiveness…

In this webinar, Randy Baker, company founder at MedCall Advisors, presents affordable on-site Covid-19 testing resources to assist schools, camps, and churches in their efforts to open, remain open and schedule events in the future.  Randy will discuss how the MedCall Covid-19 testing program is vital to a “healthy and safe re-opening” for universities and schools alike….