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Many ministries are inquiring whether they are covered for claims arising from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ve rounded up details from insurance providers and state governments:

Caryn Ryan from Missionwell and our very own Charlie Cutler discuss the steps to PPP Loan forgiveness.

Join us as we discuss returning to work in the age of COVID.

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We’ve heard reports of 10’s of millions of loans granted through the Paycheck Protection Program. Now, we have a couple of months to document how these funds are spent. We talked with Caryn Ryan from Missionwell to guide us through the process.

How your ministry might be affected by coronavirus.

We’ve rounded up the best resources and tools from around the web to help your church.

Step by step through the CARES Act Application process with Caryn Ryan from MissionWell.

Join Leslie DeMattia & Bob Brockman to address Hot HR Topics: – CA Mini Warn Act – Disaster Unemployment – Family First Coronavirus Response Act