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It looks like Congress has done all that they plan to on the adjustments to the PPP, so it’s time to make those loans forgivable before the year end. Most lenders aren’t familiar with the nuances of ministry, so we’ve brought back Caryn Ryan from Missionwell to guide us through this process. Resources PPP Forgiveness…

As schools in California delay opening or transition to remote learning due to current regulations related to COVID-19, many ministries are offering their facilities as remote-learning sites for children. Is your ministry looking to do the same? Download our guide for best practices and all available resources to aid you as you prepare to open.

In this webinar, Randy Baker, company founder at MedCall Advisors, presents affordable on-site Covid-19 testing resources to assist schools, camps, and churches in their efforts to open, remain open and schedule events in the future.  Randy will discuss how the MedCall Covid-19 testing program is vital to a “healthy and safe re-opening” for universities and schools alike….

Join us as we discuss the ever evolving process to reopening schools in California.

Answers to your toughest legal questions of 2020. Keep your church protected so you can focus on what’s really important, ministry. Be in the know, read through our 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Legal Q&A.

All the 2020 hot ministry topics in one place. Here’s what your church should know before you gather or start a new ministry. Stay ahead of the trends, explore our hand-picked 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Articles.

For your reference and use, we have provided a sample generic use Waiver that can help your ministry protect itself from a variety of risks surrounding your liability and COVID-19.

Revisiting the legal and liability issues to reopen.

In the midst of the pandemic, did you know that not one, but two MONUMENTAL Supreme Court decisions were passed? One started here in California and both added/clarified protections for religious organizations. ChurchWest is bringing you a nationally recognized legal specialist on faith based protections as well as two California attorneys who will help to…