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For your reference and use, we have provided a sample generic use Waiver that can help your ministry protect itself from a variety of risks surrounding your liability and COVID-19.

Revisiting the legal and liability issues to reopen.

In the midst of the pandemic, did you know that not one, but two MONUMENTAL Supreme Court decisions were passed? One started here in California and both added/clarified protections for religious organizations. ChurchWest is bringing you a nationally recognized legal specialist on faith based protections as well as two California attorneys who will help to…

After our Reopening Schools: A 4 Part Strategy and 12 Steps to Reopen webinar last week, we are hosting a follow up Q&A to review your reopening programs.

12 steps to reopening your school. We’ve developed a page that provides a replay of the webinar, downloadable model program, and other items referenced in the talk.

PPP Forgiveness Application with updates on the new Flexibility Act has been released and we’ve brought back Caryn Ryan from MissionWell to take us through it, step by step.

The California Department of Education has released their guidance for reopening schools. Churches looking to reopen their children and youth programs as soon as possible may also want to pay attention to this guidance as a preview for what is likely coming your way. Other Resources Many school leaders in California have received national & state guidelines for reopening schools…

CDC Keep Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC Guide to Pandemics for Churches CDC Guide to Pandemics for Schools CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations CDC Checklist for Community and Faith Leaders CDC Pandemic Planning and Preparedness Resources CDC Pandemic Influenza Plan

You’ve sanctuary doors have been closed for months in the face of this pandemic, but now is the time to solidify your plan for reopening safely. Whether you’re planning on reopening in the coming weeks or not for a few more months, you’ll have to adjust to a new normal for a while