Liability Insurance for Churches

Liability insurance protects your church for covered claims of injury or damage arising out of your operations on premises or off. 

Directors and Officers Liability  

Your board makes decisions on behalf of your church.  Increasingly, charitable immunity laws aren’t enough and your board can be held personally responsible for claims of financial damage from decisions that they make. Many insurance companies include just $1M of protection for the assets of your entire board. This typically isn’t a high enough limit for a single board member, let alone all of them. We can increase this into your umbrella/excess policy to provide a level that they are comfortable with.

Employment Practices Liability

People feel called to serve churches, so when an employee or job applicant feels harmed, these can turn into sticky liability situations. Think of #metoo, wrongful termination, failure to hire, a hostile work environment or even discrimination due to religious beliefs (which is excluded with many other companies).  

Workers’ Compensation

This coverage is tightly regulated by the state as to what it covers when your employees are injured on the job. What makes us so excited about it is that we recognize that work comp premiums are paid with dollars from your organization that could go to kingdom building activities. So not only are our rates the lowest for churches statewide (per the California Department of Insurance rate filings, have averaged the lowest base rates for 10+ years), but we get involved with finding additional ways for you to save.  We have free online safety training for your employees, dividend programs if you have good claims experience, and appreciate the opportunity to get involved in minimizing your exposure when employees get injured.

Foreign Liability

When your church extends beyond the borders, we want to make sure that your protection follows you. Our programs include worldwide protection that will respond in a foreign country with foreign based attorneys, translation services, and experienced international adjusters, no matter where the claim is filed.

International Travel Insurance

 The employees, volunteers, or students of your church travel and reach a global network, but their health insurance network does not! Before travelling internationally (or even long domestic trips) we can include travel insurance protection on a per trip or annual basis. 

Security Operations Liability

Does your church  have a security team? Are they armed?  While ChurchWest has become known as the ‘go to guys’ for security resources, we’ve also made sure to provide enhanced protection for your security team members whether they are volunteers, paid, armed and unarmed when acting on behalf of your church. 

Religious Freedom Protection

Your church’s deeply held religious beliefs may not align with secular laws. That’s why we’ve made sure that your liability policy provides defense and indemnity protection should an allegation arise. 

Counseling Liability

Whether your church has a formal counseling operation, lay counseling ministry, training for counselors, or a fee based counseling center, we are able to include coverage for your church and those counseling on your behalf.

Sexual Misconduct Coverage

We provide some fantastic tools for you to use when ministering to youth. However, allegations can still arise against your church, employees, and volunteers in the event there is a claim of sexual abuse. We also included protection if your church is negligent in their supervision of a registered sex offender.

Excess Liability/Umbrella

Multimillion dollar judgements aren’t uncommon in our legal system today. That’s why we can provide additional limits in excess of your base liability policy to provide additional protection for you.

Volunteers’ Coverage

Worried that your volunteers could be named in a lawsuit?  We extend protection to those who serve, when they get served!

Non-Owned & Hired Auto

As your church is on the move, we want to make sure that you are protected on the road. Liability follows you across town or across the country. That’s why we provide some great resources and liability protection should an accident occur when someone drives their vehicle on your behalf. 

Cyber Liability

Many churches tell us they’re protected against cybercrime, but hackers see you as soft targets and start gathering lots of personal data that can be sold on the dark web. That’s why no matter how secure your ministry is that they’re protected, it’s still important to protect against loss and reputation damage should the unthinkable happen.

Media Liability

 Standard insurance policy forms may exclude your online operations. Think of the various channels that we use to connect and educate using media- Text, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Facebook Live, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facetime, Messenger, or whatever comes up next.  

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