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Church Financial Controls Flowcharts and HR Webinar

Church Financial Controls Flowcharts and HR Webinar

Church Financial Controls Flowcharts, an HR Webinar, Avoiding Junkmail, and Getting to Know your Advisors

Financial Controls Flowcharts

church-financial-controlsBelieve it or not, we see embezzlement claims at churches all the time. Talk about naïve…when people steal from a church and say to themselves ‘who is going to know’, um, try the big guy upstairs!

The typical claim is around $50,000, although we have seen some that have gone over $1,000,000!!! We all know that you need good controls in place, but where should you go? Church risk management superstar,

Carl Kotheimer from the UCC, Disciples of Christ and Presbyterian USA Insurance program, put together an easy to follow flowchart that we have adapted and put online for you to use for your ministry. These flowcharts cover collections, purchasing, use of credit cards and Electronic Payments.Click here.

Thanks Carl for allowing us to share this great resource!

So You Want to Stay Out of HR Trouble?

For pastors who took the HR management course in seminary, you can skip this webinar!

For everyone else, how about spending an hour next Thursday getting answers to some of the top HR questions that churches are faced with? MissionWell is a virtual, back-office support team that will help guide your church through some of the frequent HR and Financial landmines that churches face.

Register for this free course by clicking here.

Of Course I’m Not Talking About This Newsletter!

Okay, so maybe you get other newsletters (obviously inferior and less entertaining than this one) that you can unsubscribe from and all is good.

But what about those giant catalogs that you get through snail mail? Remember those? I sure do. I just got one from Restoration Hardware that was literally the size of a telephone book for a LARGE city! If this happens to you then check out Paper Karma. You take a picture of the front cover of the paper material you don’t want, and Paper Karma handles the rest. I’ve got to say, pretty cool!

Who Are These People at The Cutler Group?

After 45 years, we have grown from Tom & Charlie Cutler, working out of Tom’s basement office, to become the largest independent insurance agency that works exclusively with religious nonprofits in the West!

Nearly 2500 churches now call us their partner in building The Kingdom! Did you know that we have more than 30 people here to serve your church? We have more than twice the service staff than the ‘non-independent’ companies, and a couple of us even speak Spanish and Korean.

Get to know some of our ministry service team, and their families, on a few new pages that we have developed for Matt, Zach, Ryan, Jason, Steve, Sam, Tom & Charlie. If you really like us and want to tell your friends how we can serve their church too, don’t be shy…we appreciate the multiple word-of-mouth referrals that we receive every week.