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HR Boot CampHR Boot Camp – A Must For All Ministries

Muster your team and get the quick and dirty details on the latest in ministry-focused best practices for human resources. Join us to become a lean, mean HR machine!

HR Boot Camp will take place at one of several locations across California. This event is an important training day, only held annually, that covers the biggest HR and operations risks faced by ministries in California.

Most churches find out about their HR and legal issues through litigation. By then it’s too late; the damage is done! Start defending your ministry right now by attending this event. We’ll cover church-related HR and operations risks – the type of risks that are exclusively faced by churches just like yours.

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Securing the SanctuarySecuring the Sanctuary – Security Team Training

Equip your church with new safety and security strategies in response to the tragedy of church and school violence across the nation.

You’ll learn how to assess the level of security you need, how to look at your current policies to determine where the risk is, how to run training scenarios and rehearse how your team would respond to an emergency, and how to put together a plan with checklists, sample applications and forms.

Register now to join us July 10, 11 and 13 for this potentially life-saving event.

ChurchWest Insurance Putting Challenge

ChurchWest Insurance Putting Challenge

The ChurchWest Insurance Putting Challenge is a progressive-putt challenge that benefits your charity and expands the appeal of your event by providing participants a chance to win $5,000 dollars for themselves and $5,000 dollars for your event’s charity program. Learn more now.

ChurchWest Insurance HR Hub

ChurchWest Insurance HR Hub

Want to learn about the latest in ministry-focused best practices for human resources? Have a couple hours to spare?

Join our ministry-focused HR speakers as they discuss church-related HR and operations risks and learn how to reduce your own church’s risk.

Our goal is to help you stay effective in your mission to further the Kingdom.

These short, lunch-and-learn-style events cover the latest in church-related HR and operations risks – the type of risks that are exclusively faced by churches just like yours. Join us, now.

Community Events:

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