Employee Retention Credit – Q&A Session


Has your church, school, camp, college or parachurch ministry applied for the Employee Retention Credit? If so, we’d love to hear how it is working for you! The feedback that we are hearing is that this will result in 10s of millions of support for ministries.

Working through it and want to be sure you are doing it right? Check out this ERC Q&A!

Still have questions? Check out this ERC Q&A!

Been told that it doesn’t work for you? We can help you through it, because it does work for ministries (especially in California). Check out this ERC Q&A!

Does ChurchWest know everything that there is to know about the ERC? Nope, but we are bringing in our amigos from Ministry Works to help all of us out!

Meet the Presenters

President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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