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Employee Benefits for Churches

Seems like there is a health insurance professional that serves every community. However, none have the mix of available programs offered by ChurchWest. We’ll look at each plan or a blend of multiple plans to come up with the best design and value for your church. We have staffed our team to serve your team. That means that if someone has a question, instead of you trying to figure it out, our staff is ready to answer questions for them directly.  

Health Insurance

We have access to all of the major health insurance programs and some that are exclusive just to ChurchWest. 

Short & Long Term Disability

As many churches have opted out of State Disability, we have programs that can replace this protection while considering

· Dental and Vision: 

·  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

·  Life Insurance

Health Sharing Ministries

While this is not health insurance, it can be a great fit for your group of employees, or made available as an option alongside your health insurance program at significant cost savings.

Key Person Policies

 Have a key man or a key woman? Fund their transition with term or whole life policies that are much more affordable than you think.

Section 125 Plans

Looking for a way to convert benefits that are taxable to nontaxable?  There are some unique programs for religious nonprofits and our benefits team can guide you on this.

Voluntary Benefits

We all know that salaries in churches can be lower than in the secular world. Adding these important benefits can help avert a financial hardship for your employees.

Foreign Medical Protection

The employees, volunteers, or students of your organization travel and reach a global network, but their health insurance network does not. Before travelling internationally (or even long domestic trips) we can include travel insurance protection on a per trip or annual basis. 

ACA Audit & Impact Analysis

Wondering if you are following the rules of Obamacare? Not sure if Trumpcare has changed how the rules apply to you? We’ll guide you through this process.

Missionary Respite Medical

When your church welcomes foreign missionaries stateside for respite, they may be in need of short term medical insurance. Most health insurance carriers don’t understand what respite medical insurance is. We’ve educated some and have great programs available.

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