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Contact ChurchWest Insurance Services,

formerly The Cutler Group

Office Location- Historic Downtown Redlands
201 Cajon Street Redlands, CA. 92373
Toll Free: 800-843-6054
Fax: 909-307-1245
Direct: 909-307-8500

General Emails

General Inquiries: info@churchwest.com
Benefits Inquires: benefits@churchwest.com
Spanish Inquiries: info@churchwest.com
Korean Inquiries: kathy@churchwest.com


Agents - Get to Know Us

  • Arden McDaniel
    Associate Partner, Benefits

  • Brandon Judd
    Associate Partner

  • Charlie Cutler
    Managing Partner

  • Jason Raymond
    Associate Partner

  • Kathy Yeo
    Associate Partner

  • Matt Campbell
    Vested Partner

  • Nancy Connell
    Small Ministry Specialist

  • Robert Gammenthaler
    Associate Partner

  • Ryan Lucht
    Associate Partner, Benefits

  • Sam Yeo, MBA, CIC

  • Tom Cutler

  • Zach Folmer
    Associate Partner

Ministry Service Team

  • Alex Brown
    Director, Marketing Communications

  • Amy McBride, CISR
    Account Manager

  • Andrea Saputo, CISR, MLIS
    Director of Marketing

  • Beverly Flores
    Assistant Account Manager

  • Breanna Angus
    Account Manager, Benefits

  • Carol Bush, CIC, CISR
    Account Manager

  • Cathy Franks
    Assistant Account Manager

  • Gabriel Reyes
    Field Underwriter

  • Isabel Perez
    Assistant Account Manager

  • Jack Lucas
    Director, Sales

  • Jennie Garcia
    Assistant Account Manager

  • Jessica Masters
    Account Processor

  • Kieshia Featherstone
    Claims Mgr. & Asst. Acct. Mgr.

  • Kimberly Loe
    Benefits Account Executive

  • Kristen Bethel
    Account Manager

  • Latesha Pate
    Operations Assistant

  • Lynn Ewer
    Director of First Impressions

  • Marnie Valcarcel
    Account Manager

  • Mary Cariaga Adams

  • Nancy Gladura
    Account Manager

  • Raymond Olivas
    Director, Operations

  • Shannon Orona
    Account Manager

  • Susan Day
    Assistant Account Manager

  • Henry
    VP of Sniffing & Woofing

Ministry Service Team Emails

Breanna Angus: Breanna@ChurchWest.com
Kristen Bethel: Kristen@ChurchWest.com
Alex Brown: Alex@ChurchWest.com
Carol Bush: Carol@ChurchWest.com
Matt Campbell: Matt@ChurchWest.com
Mary Cariaga: Mary@ChurchWest.com
Nancy Connell: NancyC@ChurchWest.com
Charlie Cutler: Charlie@ChurchWest.com
Tom Cutler: Tom@ChurchWest.com
Susan Day: Susan@ChurchWest.com
Lynn Ewer: Lynn@ChurchWest.com
Vera Fabun: Vera@ChurchWest.com
Kieshia Featherstone: Kieshia@ChurchWest.com
Beverly Flores: Beverly@ChurchWest.com
Zach Folmer: Zach@ChurchWest.com
Cathy Franks: Cathy@ChurchWest.com
Robert Gammenthaler: Robert@ChurchWest.com
Nancy Gladura: Nancy@ChurchWest.com
Jennie Garcia: Jennie@ChurchWest.com
Lisa Ireton: Lisa@ChurchWest.com
Brandon Judd: Brandon@ChurchWest.com
Jack Lucas: Jack@ChurchWest.com
Ryan Lucht: Ryan@ChurchWest.com
Alissa Lehman: Alissa@ChurchWest.com
Kimberly Loe: Kimberly@ChurchWest.com
Jessica Masters: JessicaM@ChurchWest.com
Amy McBride: Amy@ChurchWest.com
Arden McDaniel: Arden@ChurchWest.com
Raymond Olivas: Raymond@ChurchWest.com
Shannon Orona: ShannonO@ChurchWest.com
Isabel Perez: Isabel@ChurchWest.com
Jason Raymond: Jason@ChurchWest.com
Gabriel Reyes: Gabriel@ChurchWest.com
Andrea Saputo: Andrea@ChurchWest.com
Marnie Valcarcel: Marnie@ChurchWest.com
Kathy Yeo: Kathy@ChurchWest.com
Sam Yeo: Sam@ChurchWest.com


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