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Defining Safe Ministry

Defining Safe Ministry

Ministry Church Stained GlassWe often get asked about how to deal with active shooters in ministry. There’s no doubt that every ministry, whether a church, school, college, or outreach program should be aware of how to react to an active shooter situation.  Is that the only threat to safety?

What does safe ministry even mean?

Here’s another one. Does Sally in the children’s ministry have an angry ex she’s worried about? What will you do if that person comes to your campus and makes a scene? Will the response on a Wednesday be different than one on a Sunday?

Another: What about the homeless? Has your church decided how it will interact & serve the homeless community? What does that mean for your campus?

More: Are you running background screening to weed out potential risks to your youth? Child predators often move around the country and try to find kids in ministry where we’re more trusting. Often times churches think they can counsel the offender rather than work with law enforcement. What risk does that present to your organization both in terms of liability and your church’s brand or reputation within your community or in the media?

We’ve written a lot about these types of disruptions and risks, but if you’re looking for more solutions you can get some training on them at our Securing the Sanctuary events.

We’d be failing your ministry if we didn’t discuss the things that can disrupt a ministry and lessen safety. Our shared goal is distraction-free worship and furthering the Kingdom.

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