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OSHA Guidelines For Ministries Webinar


Our team had the experts come in and help with what ministries need to know about OSHA guidelines on November 17, 2021.

This webinar covered these questions and more:
How do you count 100 employees?
Are you required weekly testing for someone who previously tested positive for COVID-19?
Do we have to pay for the testing?
Do we have to pay for the time it takes an employee to get tested?
Do we have to pay for face masks?
If an employee submits a legitimate request for reasonable accommodation do they still need to test weekly?
Do we have to retain the weekly testing results?
What does this mean for employers with less than 100 employees?

Meet the Presenters

Managing Partner, BQB Law Firm
Robert W. Brockman, Jr.

BQB Law Firm

Owner, President of ChurchHRNetwork
Leslie DeMattia


President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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