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Meet Michael Goodson

Meet Michael Goodson, an associate partner at churchwest, serving the North Hollywood, Los Angeles area. We got the opportunity to have a sit-down with Michael and learn more about him, his work and his passion for insurance.

How long have you been with ChurchWest?

[I got hired] December of last year, December 2020. At the tail-end of the pandemic.

What’s your favorite thing about the region you serve?

I serve in northern Los Angeles, so essentially from Pasadena all the way up to Santa Barbara. My favorite thing about the region is beach proximity, definitely being close to the beach. Sometimes I’ll finish the day around six and could take a 30 minute drive and boom you’re right there.

What do you think makes ChurchWest a cut above the rest?

I’d say their dedication, their dedication to the service. I’ve been with a lot of organizations and I’ve never really seen an organization that really, deeply believes in what [ChurchWest] believes in. When you go out with these guys, it’s hard to get them to stop talking about work insurance. And not in a bad way. They absolutely love it. It’s just in Charlie’s (ChurchWest President) blood. It’s in all the producers’ (insurance agents) blood. Even the way that they brought me in and kind of taught me things, it’s all from a ministry perspective. I really enjoy how it feels like ministry. It doesn’t feel like a sales team or a sales job. It feels like a board of ministers.

What are the highlights serving the ministries in your region?

All of the work that they do for the community. It can not be said enough how much the church does for every underserved portion in the community. From people who were formerly incarcerated, to homeless, to people who are just struggling to have a little food on the day-to-day. Churches are the stop gap for those people and we come in and support them. It’s heart wrenching a lot of the time. You get in there and you see the work, you see ministries, you see the people behind it and it’s just beautiful.

Have you ever seen the things that ChurchWest offers come through in a real clutch situation?

There’s some information with the employee retention credit that the organization is doing a whole lot of work on and a whole lot of effort to really inform ministries and let people know about it. You can see the impact financially it has on churches. There’s some churches who throughout the pandemic were really struggling, were razor thin, barely making it. The ERC was able to save some ministries on a lot of cases. Hundreds of thousands of dollars [were saved] just on individual churches and for the bigger ones it could get pretty high. That [work] was saving churches. It was saving money. It was saving ministries.

What would you tell a ministry right now that doesn’t have ChurchWest as their insurance company? Why should they change to make ChurchWest their partner?

The number one reason is coverages. It’s the coverages and the honesty. Our agents are very skilled in noticing the coverages and we’re honest. If we are looking at your policy and there’s comparable coverage and they’re the same price, we will be the first ones to tell you hey it’s fine stay where you’re at, you’re okay. Most of the time the issue is that you’re undercovered and that’s why there’s such a low price. I would really like to highlight the covers we offer and how intentional we are with the coverage. We don’t just want to write your policy. We don’t just want to get another sale. We don’t just want to get a foot in the door with you. We want to make sure your ministry is covered. We view the church through the eyes of being a good steward with your finances, so we are a part of [the ministry aspect] as well.

We read in your bio about the accident you were in and how that really drives your heart for serving ministries. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

About two years [from the 14th of July], I was in a life changing accident. I broke every limb on my body in some way, shape or form. I was in something very sit-comesque, where your hands are both in a cast and your legs look like that. It was a pretty rough situation and throughout it, the undercoverage was a big issue for me. The lack of insurance and the lack of compensation for what happened to me was a big burden for my life. And that’s just me as an individual with my job, my finances and my bills. I can only imagine the scale of something like a ministry of 60 to 70 people who all rely on that ministry and for the work that they do in the community, all the food pantries and homeless ministries, for those to just stop because of a fire. For those to just stop because of an electrical issue. For those to just stop because of some type of accident. I can’t imagine it and I can’t allow it. I see how just my burden impacted my community and that multiplied by 70 is something that I can’t allow. So, I am very passionate about making sure the church has all the covers they need so that if they do have a barrier, they will continue to do ministry on the next Sunday.

Michael has an unreputable drive and passion for insurance, especially when ministries are involved. If you partner with him, you’re in good hands. Frankly, he would love to be your do-or-die, your partner in crime. If Michael’s story struck your fancy, so to speak, say so! You can get in touch by emailing him at

Michael Goodson