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HR Bootcamp 2021


Virtual Bootcamp: 4 short sessions to get you up to speed on new laws and directives for 2021.

The State of California has rolled out new laws and directives for the new year across the board, there’s work to do to ensure compliance for your organization. If you’re a ministry HR director or the person in charge of HR (other duties as assigned, right?) then you’re officially invited to join us for any and all of our HR Bootcamp series.

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Day 1: State of CA Leave Updates

  • CFRA Expanded Leave
  • AB2992 Expansion of Crime Victims Leave
  • AB2399 Expansion of Paid Family Leave for Military Exigencies  

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Day 2: Paying People Correctly 

  • AB 5/AB2257
  • Ramification from Prop 22
  • AB 1947 Expanded Labor Code Retaliation Protections


  •  (AB 685, OSHA)
  • AB1267 Expanded COVID leave for employers over 500
  • SB1159 (WC)

Additional Resources

COVID Response Plan

COVID Exposure Notice

Please contact if there is an employee with a positive COVID test on your staff.

Day 4: Abuse Laws

  •  AB1963 – Expanded Professions for Mandated Reporters
  • New Statue of Limitations for Sexual Misconduct
  • AB 1947 Expanded Labor Coad Retaliation Protections

Additional Resources

Free Online Training – 6 hours total online training for clergy & volunteer training/7 hours for school & preschool training

For in person or Zoom training, please contact DeMattia Consulting or BQB Law to discuss this for your organization.  ChurchWest highly recommends that you go through this training.  We find that it is more engaging, effective & economical!  It is applied directly to your ministry activities and can be completed in approximately 2 hours.

You’ve survived the bootcamp!  Now, to help you navigate through 2021, you may need some help.

Here are three great resources:

DeMattia Consulting

DeMattia’s $500 Annual ‘HR On Call’ is a tremendous value and essential for your church to navigate the murky HR waters of 2021.  Have a COVID situation?  Trouble figuring out a leave for someone?  Not sure how to pay this musician?  Need help explaining these issues with your board?  For these, and any other HR question that pops up, just retain and call DeMattia Consulting for their support throughout the year. or call 805.272.5032

The BQB Law Firm:  

ChurchWest has worked with the attorneys at the BQB Law Firm for over 30 years and have found them to be responsive, affordable, and well versed in religious non profit law.  Their team includes some of the most experienced attorneys in California serving religious non-profits.  And, as a service to ChurchWest clients, they’ve opened their portal for legal questions that may arise.  Go here and enter the super-secret code ‘churchwest’ and enter your legal question.

After all of that, we gave you some time to process all of the information and came back to answer more of your questions. Maybe we answered yours here too!

Meet the Presenters

Owner, President of DeMattia Consulting
Leslie DeMattia

Attorneys at Law
BQB Law Firm

Robert W. Brockman, Jr., Robert H. Quayle, IV, and Matthew E. Bennett have more than 85 years of combined experience in litigating cases on behalf of their clients.

President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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