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Court Ruling: State-Wide Reopening of Private Religious Schools


We are pleased to announce that Governor Newsom and one of our ACSI member schools, Montebello Christian Schools, have agreed to end litigation and permit the state-wide reopening of all private religious schools, K-12, for in person, on campus learning throughout California, subject to state issued co-horting and safety protocols.   

Importantly, the order permits not only the reopening of our schools immediately, but also a reopening not subject to grade or numerical limits. All schools K-12 can reopen, and all students can return to school for in person, on campus education, subject only to following safety protocols.  Attached is a copy of the dismissal that was discussed.  Additionally, we have provided a model 12 step plan for reopening and have linked our previous webinar on reopening.

If your school is seeking legal guidance, please contact Michael Porrazzo at  949.690.7640.

If your school has an insurance question, please contact us at ChurchWest 

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12 Steps to Reopen your School Webinar

Meet the Presenters

Senior Director, Western Division of ACSI
Dr. Cecil Swetland
California Christian Education Attorney
Michael Porrazzo
President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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