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Mid-Year Top 25 Legal Q&A

Answers to your toughest legal questions of 2020.

Keep your church protected so you can focus on what’s really important, ministry. Be in the know, read through our 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Legal Q&A.

  1.  Are ministries allowed to remove disruptive people?
  2. Does our ministry need to obtain a special permit before serving or selling food?
  3. Does the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) apply to our ministry?
  4. How do we protect against liability related to youth/special needs activities?
  5. Do we have to report all injuries, even those that are insignificant?
  6. What should ministry leaders know about donor-directed donations?
  7. Does our ministry need permission to use people’s pictures?
  8. Should our church have armed security guards?
  9. Does our ministry need an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
  10. What are the potential tax ramifications for leasing ministry parking lots to outside entities?
  11. Can an Employee Sue a Ministry for Decisions Based on Religious Beliefs?
  12. What should our ministry know about bylaws?
  13. What if children in our ministry’s care are not immunized?
  14. How can our ministry identify an independent contractor for tax purposes?
  15. How should our church respond to children with chronic communicable illnesses?
  16. Are clergy members required to sign marriage licenses?
  17. What risk management issues are associated with lending our church facility to an outside group?
  18. What should ministry personnel know about mandatory reporting requirements?
  19. What is an activity participation agreement?
  20. What Should Our Ministry Be Aware of Before Recording Conversations?
  21. How should our ministry respond to a subpoena?
  22. What types of warning signs should we post around our ministry?
  23. What does our ministry need to do to follow federal OSHA record-keeping requirements?
  24. How should a church or ministry respond to requests for support from political groups and candidates?
  25. What rules apply when hiring youth to perform work for our ministry?