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Mid-Year Top 25 Articles

All the 2020 hot ministry topics in one place.

Here’s what your church should know before you gather or start a new ministry. Stay ahead of the trends, explore our hand-picked 2020 Mid-Year Top 25 Articles.

  1. Before We Gather
  2. Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources for Ministries
  3. Before We Gather – Planning for Social Distancing
  4. Before We Gather – Communication Reduces Fear and Increases Connection
  5. 5 Steps to Starting a New Ministry
  6. Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus
  7. Before We Gather – Deep Clean and Disinfect
  8. Before We Gather – Prepare your building now for the return of worship
  9. Paycheck Protection Program: Top 7 Takeaways for Ministries
  10. Before We Gather – Taking the Touch Out of High-Touch Areas
  11. Before We Gather – Back to Work, Back to Basics
  12. Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic
  13. Mandated Reporting Not Limited to Child Abuse
  14. What Does Children’s Ministry Look Like Going Forward?
  15. Complying With Copyright Laws
  16. Coronavirus and your Building: Deep Clean and Disinfect
  17. Developing Security Teams
  18. Unemployment Benefits: What Your Leadership and Staff May Not Know
  19. Children’s Ministry Prep – Cleaning and Disinfecting
  20. In-Person Services Cancelled: Taking the Gospel Online
  21. COVID-19: Review your Infectious Disease Plan
  22. Sex Offenders: Should They Be Allowed to Attend Church?
  23. Incorporating Your Church: Why and How?
  24. Surviving a Violent Attack at Church
  25. Licensing Standards for Church Bus and Van Drivers