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(Back to) Back to School: A Legal and Liability Follow Up to Reopen Your Schools


While we understand that the Governor’s orders have specifically barred schools (both public & private) from reopening without a waiver, we are hopeful that we can provide tools for you to continue to serve the educational and spiritual needs of your community in as safe a manner as possible.  

We have been working to develop a model faith based learning center program.  However, because of so many variances exist from location to location, we are asking that you contact panelist, Mike Porrazzo if this is something that you’d like to design with his assistance:

Michael H. Porrazzo 

The Porrazzo Law Firm 




The State of California Department of Public Health has developed this page that includes the guidelines for you to follow

California Department of Public Health Waiver Notice

Model Waiver Application

Meet the Presenters

Association of Christian Schools International Regional Director (CA & HI)
Cecil Swetland
California Christian Education Attorney
Michael Porrazzo
President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler