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Recent Supreme Court Decisions and the Impact on California Churches


In the midst of the pandemic, did you know that not one, but two MONUMENTAL Supreme Court decisions were passed? One started here in California and both added/clarified protections for religious organizations.

ChurchWest is bringing you a nationally recognized legal specialist on faith based protections as well as two California attorneys who will help to answer these questions:
– What changed?
– Does our church need to change our employment practices?
– How should we update our facility use agreements?
– What updates need to be made to our governing documents?

For your reference, here are the links to important resources mentioned in the webinar:

And a special thank you to our presenters:

Steve Case from Brotherhood Mutual and Bob Brockman and Sarah Risso from Daley & Heft.

Meet the Presenters

Assistant Vice President, Senior Corporate Counsel Brotherhood Mutual
Steve Case


Attorney, Daley & Heft, LLP
Robert W. Brockman, Jr.

Attorney, Daley & Heft, LLP
Sarah Risso

President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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