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12 Steps to Reopen Your School


We’ve done some work together with some good friends to outline a 4 part strategy and give you 12 specific steps you can follow as you reopen.

As a follow up, we also have a legal and liability Q&A, posted below, that covers some specific questions about implementing a program.

For your Reference

Our Legal and Liability Discussion

Reopening Schools: A Legal and Liability Discussion

Medical Advice & Research

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidance for School Re-entry

Canada’s Hospital for Sick Kids Program for Reopening

Brown University Study on COVID Infections Among Childcare Centers Open During the Pandemic

County by County Monitoring and Guidance

News Articles

New York Times: Why a Pediatric Group is Pushing to Reopen Schools This Fall

NPR ‘What Parents Can Lean From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns’

Please be aware that your specific county may have guidelines that are stricter than those that are provided on a statewide level.  For example, Santa Clara County has required masks in classroom.

Meet the Presenters

Association of Christian Schools International Regional Director (CA & HI)
Cecil Swetland
California Christian Education Attorney
Michael Porrazzo
President of ChurchWest Insurance Services
Charlie Cutler

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