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Background Checks: Protecting Children & Church Risk

Most churches have implemented a child protection program that includes background checks.  Most people with sketchy histories don’t apply, but we receive calls just about weekly from churches that have run a background check and something comes up.

It is extremely important to protect your church with tools like an Employee Handbook and Church Employee Background Screening. Of course, your good judgment is the most valuable guide, but sometimes a list of disqualifiers can help.

Here are 34 offenses that should disqualify someone from volunteering with youth and children: 

  1. Sexual assault of a child
  2. Physical abuse of a child
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Incest
  5. Sexual exploitation of a child
  6. Causing mental harm to a child
  7. Use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime
  8. Soliciting a child for prostitution
  9. Sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or younger
  10. Exposure
  11. Possession of child pornography
  12. Child sex offender working with children
  13. Registered sex offender photographing children
  14. Child neglect
  15. Contributing to truancy
  16. Strip searches by school employees
  17. Leaving loaded firearm accessible to a minor
  18. Receiving stolen property from a child
  19. Tattooing a child
  20. Battery
  21. Battery or threat to a witness
  22. Battery or threat to a judge
  23. Battery to an unborn child
  24. Sexual exploitation by a therapist
  25. Sexual assault
  26. Reckless injury
  27. Injury by negligent handling of a firearm
  28. Injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle
  29. Abuse of persons at risk
  30. Child unattended in a child care vehicle
  31. Stalking
  32. Hazing
  33. Mayhem
  34. Sexting with a child

Our job as a church insurance company is to help you mitigate church risk, but protecting children should be everyone’s top priority.