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April – From the back of the pew…Church Security, Safety & Healthcare

April – From the back of the pew…Church Security, Safety & Healthcare

Ryan Lucht

Ryan Lucht

Associate partner at ChurchWest.
Ryan Lucht

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Did you know that we are passionate about helping Churches serve their communities better? At ChurchWest Insurance, we are always finding resources, on a daily basis, that we would like to share with your church.

If you want to come over and hang out at our office, and talk about ministry strategy on our patio, we’d love to have you come on in. But until you make it to Redlands, we’ll continue to email you every month or so, on things we think are important for you to know, so you can better protect your ministry..

If you want to see more about us, become friends with us on our new Facebook Page. You’ll get to know our office dog, Henry, or even meet the newest team member working here.

With summer fast approaching, there really is a lot going on. Take a look at some of the resources below and click on any of the links if there is a topic that we can help with:

Church SafetyMay 1st Lunch & Learn on two hot topics…

Health Care Reform & Church Security. We’ve had a number of conferences in Southern California to tackle these issues. We’ve combined these two hot topics that we’ll tackle, with some help from our friends at GuideStone and Brotherhood Mutual, in Fresno.

Healthcare Reform: I found this article fascinating, about predictions, by health insurance actuaries, of 30% rate increases. In order to soften the blow next year, churches with less than 50 employees should do three things:

  1. Ask our benefits team to look at Health Savings Accounts for your staff. Your existing plan could be tweaked just a little bit to make it HSA compliant
  2. Follow the updates at GuideStone
  3. Get familiar with the Health Insurance Exchange in California

Did you see this video of a fire that started during an Easter Pageant? It’s easy to laugh about how smokin’ this performance is, but you can just imagine how easily a homemade “special effect” at a church could turn a celebration into a tragedy. We’ve got 2 excellent resources for you here, Creating a Disaster Ready Church and Does Your Ministry Conduct an Annual Fire Safety Checkup?

Missions Trips: Summer is almost here. Have you planned your summer mission trips?

I used to think that all foreign medical insurance was similar. This coverage, more than just about any other, is the type where you only learn the exclusions after you come home. Read this list of claim scenarios NOT covered by most foreign medical policies. We work with multiple companies that offer multiple programs – more than any other agency in California! Contact us and we’ll guide you on the best program for your specific trip.

Whew. I know that’s a lot. I hope that you find it relevant to your ministry. We are privileged to be a resource for your ministry. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know.